About Us

Small World Mission

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  • to celebrate cultural diversity through music
  • to showcase the wealth of Toronto’s multi-cultural talent
  • to educate and promote understanding between cultures



Small World Mandate

To promote world music activity in Toronto by presenting artists of the highest calibre, emphasizing audience development through community outreach.

To provide opportunities for Canadian performers at various stages of career development by presenting their work alongside recognized international artists.

To be a community hub that encourages the interchange of community cultural activities by working in conjunction with members of diverse cultural groups.

Small World is a celebration of cultural diversity expressed by one of the most potent tools available – music. A charitable organization, its vision is based on sharing cultural experience and ultimately, building bridges between cultures. It is about discovery and ‘opening ears’. In this role, the company has presented close to 400 events since 1997. It has hosted many Canadian debuts by international performers; has given a platform to dozens of developing Canadian artists of diverse backgrounds; and has established an international reputation for presenting innovative, risk-taking programming that uniquely represents Canada and Toronto, providing a space for cross-cultural bridge-building, education and understanding.