Alireza Ghorbani

Persian - Traditional - Classical

Alireza Ghorbani acquired the subtle intonations and rhythms of Quranic chanting at a precociously young age. His fascination with traditional Iranian music and poetry led him to study with many esteemed teachers including Khosro Soltani, Behrooz Abedini and Dr. Hossein Omoumi. Through his dedicated study and talent By age thirty, Alireza was a master vocalist of Persian song by age thirty.

He's performed widely at Iranian and international festivals and since 1999 has been the vocalist for Iran's National Orchestra. Curious and culturally open minded, Alireza performs in many collaborations many of which have been recorded. In the 1980's turbulence, Alireza emerged as a popular young "battlefront musican" offering inspiration in contrast to Iran's religious conservatism.

The handsomely chiseled features of alireza Ghorbani have become part of the new generation of Iranian singers of classical Persian music. He has laid claims to being a worthy successor of Persian song's undisputed master, Mohammad Reza Shajarian.