Anindo Chatterjee

Hindustani Classical

Anindo Chatterjee does not seem like a music maestro. He speaks warmly and with enthusiasm to all who wait to greet him, even after a lengthy solo tabla performance. There is an air of impeccable humility about him which is unforgettable. While performing his genius creeps quietly into the way he weaves intricate rhythm patterns on the tabla.

As a child he beat on every surface around the house. Inspired by his musical uncle Pandit Biswath Chatterjee, he began to play tabla at four. At five he was India Radio's youngest artiste and subsequently studied with Gyan Prakash Ghosh for over 20 years. This education gave Anindo a wide and firm foundation that has served his talent, audiences an his students exceptionally ever since.

Since 1972 he's performed worldwide both as a soloist and accompanist. His solo work is marked by clarity of tone, crisp and clear bols, and an intuitive sense of rhythm and melody. As an accompanist, he is known for his his sense of balance and proportion, crisp tone and colouring as well as his rapport with soloists. While a classical Indian musician he has dabbled in world fusion and keeps up a level of research to keep his art and the wider field of clasical music evolving.