Azalea Ray

Pakistani Traditional - Indian Classical

Azalea Ray leads a life as bold and romantic as her songs. Despite hardship that left her unable to sing for a time, Azalea's enchanting voice is variously described as powerful, deep, sweet, passionate and rich in tonality. Audiences are moved while immersed in her deep and wide repertoire, all of it sung with both mastery and abandon. You'll hear Khayals, Ghazals, Thumri and Sufi spiritual songs. Bengali and Punjabi folk songs round out her performances.

Deeply grounded in tradition, Ray once told an audience she would bow to the feet of her musical icon, Farida Khanum. Taking her at her word, an audience member got this legend on the telephone. True to the love for their shared music, Azalea Ray promptly became Khanum's first official disciple.

Expressing her passion and artistry means Azalea boldly merges her voice with exciting contemporary styles - rock, jazz and electronic elements all find their place in her deeply felt music.

Appearing at

Glenn Gould Studio

concert date: September 23, 2012

event: Azalea Ray