Hong Sung Hyun

Gugak(Korean traditional music)

Hong Sung Hyun is a percussionist and he plays Janggu which is a representative Korean traditional drum. Hong keeps up his creative work which is titled 'Hong Sung Hyun's Chobeolbi'. As a result of concentration to the internal side of his music, he has realized collaboration with various musicians. Since 2011, he has presents new works every year with the project.
‘Chobeolbi’ means ‘rough rain’ and it represents his work which gives to the audiences a cooling sensation as creative music come constantly out every year. Furthermore, it is meaning of wetting people's tired heart from the modern society. In the project, Korean percussion moves beyond the supporter of other instruments to a melodic instrument as it is collaborated with others and also played its own melody. As the music came from Korean shamanic music such as Eastern coast Gut(shaman ritual), Kyeonggi-do Gut and others, it has the traditional worth. Furthermore, there are various musical structures to communicate with the audience, it makes people take easily out their hidden feelings which has stayed in their deep inside.

This year, 2017, Hong Sung Hyun and his band have their first world tour. Small World Music Festival is the first destination of their Canada/U.S. Tour.




Appearing at

Small World Music Centre

concert date: September 15, 2017

event: Hong Sung Hyun