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"Malta’s Kafena is one drop in a multitude in an ocean of world musical expressions but the fact that unlike many of their compatriots from the sun blessed and peaceful island of Malta, they have released an album sung completely in their own language, a spirited and beautiful endeavour which melts the heart and gives the soul, not just the right jolt of experience, but makes it rattle as if lightning had struck; Lukanda Propaganda is an album of exquisite memory and tatste."
(Ian D. Hall)
Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *
When a music project showcasing Maltese music includes the names of Daniel Cauchi, Kris Spiteri and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (among other familiar and respected names) great things are expected.
Happily, great things are exactly what Kafena delivered
(Ramona Depares - Times of Malta)

Maltese pianist and songwriter Kris Spiteri has joined forces with percussionist and singer Daniel Cauchi in this duo project to record their debut album Lukanda Propaganda (Propaganda Hotel). The platform is adult contemporary and the songs, written and composed by Spiteri, are lyric driven.
The album is partly influenced by the Maltese as well as the global current social and cultural situations. Apart from this there are also songs which reflect some personal and interpersonal circumstances. Lukanda Propaganda won best new album at Tony Sant's MMI listeners' picks poll
This project had also the fortune of working in collaboration with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. This venture was sponsored by the Malta Arts Fund.




Appearing at

Trillium Park, Ontario Place East Island

concert date: September 17, 2017

event: Small World in the Park