New Grooves / Video Memories

Feb 01, 2017

It’s that time of the month again – time to hit the dance floor at Round, with a Toronto debut performance we’re really excited about. Vancouver’s DESI SUB CULTURE is descending upon the Market for an east-west rhythm connection. This DELHI 2 DUBLIN side project, and Indo Bass 2 Live crew will throw a great party.

To quote them ‘We make dance music. Global bass music. Whether it’s using an old Punjabi folk song as the hook for a trap beat, or using tabla rhythms to inspire a twerk workup, we come strong from our roots. We’re telling the story of our lives and sharing the music we grew up with.’ DJ medicineman anchors the night as always, so the groove beckons!

Summer seems a long way off (in either direction) but we can harken back to some warm memories with a slate of new video releases from In/Future, our collaboration with Art Spin at Ontario Place last September. Great acts now on our YouTube channel include Wally Badarou, Vox Sambou, Alysha Brilla, Mariachi Flor and many more. Whether you were at the festival or not, these will help get you through the beginning of February.

Nagata Shachu – “Harukoma (Spring Horses)” | in/future – Small World Music Festival 2016

Goran Bregovic & His Wedding and Funeral Band

Massey Hall March 4th

Community Spotlight

Sina Bathaie

Burdock Music Hall February 3rd

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