Autorickshaw Trio

Part of Small World Music's 16th Annual Asian Music Series sponsored by TD Bank.

Autorickshaw recently returned from a 5-week tour of India to news of their JUNO nomination for World Music Album of the Year. They are one of the hottest acts on the world music landscape, garnering multiple awards in Canada and around the world. Dubbed a "post fusion" ensemble for their seamless and downright cool sounding blend of jazz, folk, pop and Indian classical music, their latest album, ‘Meter,’ showcases the sultry, sophisticated vocals of Suba Sankaran, anchored by the driving bass-lines & beatboxing of Dylan Bell over a bed of intricate tabla grooves by Ed Hanley. The group’s diverse repertoire and range of Eastern and Western elements could only come from musicians with deep roots in both traditions.

'Meter' celebrates not only their fifth CD, but also 15 years of musical service. The songs - many of which are originals, as well as commissioned works and innovative arrangements - cover a huge range of genres (south Asian, pop, rock, jazz, chant, folk, funk, blues, reggae) and themes (female empowerment, cross-cultural connection and compassion, ancestry, death, loss and grieving, anti-love songs and more).

“…utterly unique and musically pioneering” - The Record

“...a fascinating hybrid” - Zeitgeist and Co, UK

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