Between the Sheets

Presented by Martha Rose Productions.

The Canadian two-hander returns to the Toronto stage this November, presented in an intimate, site-specific venue that will bring audiences into the fold.

The scene: parent-teacher night, Teresa's third grade classroom. Enter Marion, an over-worked mother who does not have a time slot. Teresa agrees to meet with her, but what begins as an ordinary parent-teacher interview spirals into a gripping and raw confrontation. One woman is fighting to protect her family. The other is fighting for the family she always wanted.

This play contains coarse language and addresses mature themes. It may not be suitable for children.

**This is a Canadian Actors Equity Association production under the Artists Collective Policy.

Rafaela Lewis ... Teresa
Jorie Morrow ... Marion

Playwright: Jordi Mand
Director: Rod Ceballos
Producers: Rafaela Lewis & Jorie Morrow
Stage Manager: Malcolm Byrne
Publicity Images: Seanna Kennedy
Graphic Design: Rafaela Lewis

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