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Bird Dance

Part of the Nowruz Festival organized by Tirgan in partnership with Aga Khan Museum.

Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee, Farnaz Ohadi, weaves the soft lyricism of Persian poetry with the intoxicating rhythms of flamenco and Latin percussion in her latest album and touring concert ‘Bird Dance’. Performing what has become known as Persian-Flamenco, Ohadi is accompanied by the Eastern-inspired Mashregh Ensemble, comprised of world-renowned musicians on flamenco guitar, santur, cajon, bass, and
flamenco dancers.

The title, “Bird Dance” conveys the repression of female artists in Iran and features lyrics that build on the metaphor of the caged bird yearning to sing. From here, she takes the audience through a journey of spiritual conflict and resolution, unimaginable revelations of relocating to a foreign land, the hope needed to move forward, and the joy in building a new life while looking back with pride. She sings with defiance and passion as she declares her love for her cultural roots and her intentions dignify it in the only way she knows how: through music.

Not recommended for children under 8
Latecomers may not be admitted