Bollywood Beat

Presented by Architextures and part of Small World's 16th Annual Asian Music Series sponsored by TD Bank.

Into its 3rd year, Globetrotter has partnered with the long-running electronic music collective Architextures to further establish itself as an essential monthly market gathering place for forward-moving world music enthusiasts.

This special edition promises to immerse the dancefloor in a magical mashup of spicy world beats, sitar, tabla, soaring vocals and lush orchestrals. Join the journey with Besharam legend DJ Amita, lit up by the visual artistry of SEKS, alongside the bassier end of the South-Asian spectrum with Globetrotter resident ethnomixologist DJ medicineman.

Spinning a fusion of club, and eastern influences, Amita who also holds a Ph.D in sociology, brings traditional folk, bollywood and urban music sounds together with an irrepressible social consciousness. She was a pioneer in bringing South Asian fusion music to Toronto’s airwaves as host and producer to Masala Mixx radio, 88.1 FM. Amita is also resident DJ of the wildly popular Besharam Sutra, North America’s largest monthly Bollywood party.

Richard is a longstanding curator of the finest dance beats, as one of Canada's most highly respected global fusion tastemakers. His radio show, NO MAN’S LAND, on CIUT 89.5 FM, is considered to be one of the best programs of its kind and has been instrumental in broadening the world music landscape for the past 19 years. He's locked into a loyal throng of enthusiasts who crave a connection between ancient rhythms & progressive beats.

SEKS is "Sabrina Elizabeth Kalli Somethings". She works in a variety of mediums for different seasons and feels that moving images keep painting a picture, while the mind is still processing what it sees. In this way the viewer might become less attached to interpreting what the eyes record and more in tune with the emotion of the moment... some things are more than just things.