Boogat w/ Pierre Kwenders and DJ medicineman

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Two of Montreal's cutting edge World 2.0 bands unite with TO's premier global groove DJ for an explosive blend of soul, electro, Congolese rumba, Latin hip-hop and more.

Boogat is a talented MC bridging Latin grooves with urban and electronic music. His last album won two Félix at the ADISQ awards for best world music album and best producer. His quick-witted, multi-linguistic lyrical flow and dynamism combine for an explosive live show that turns any situation into a party.

‘’Whatever the situation, Boogat impresses as an eloquent, versatile MC with strong musical instincts’’ - THE GAZETTE

His trademark ‘World 2.0’ sound is an up-tempo mix of hip-hop, Latin and electronic influences that represents the multicultural sound of the local Québécois and Latino scene. As Boogat puts it “Montreal is an artistic city … we have two of the best DJs in the world here in A-Trak and Kid Koala along with great bands like Arcade Fire. There is really great stuff coming out of this city,” he says. “I call El Dorado Sunset 'World Beat 2.0.' But if people want to call it hip-hop it’s cool. But I definitely mix in traditional Latin music with electronic music too.”

‘’Part of what makes Boogat so good is his energy, delivering positive but gruff rhymes in a party-starting way" - EXCLAIM

Pierre Kwenders music represents a meeting-point between Africa and North America. After 16 years in Congo-Kinshasa and 13 in Canada, he has taken the best sounds from both sides of the Atlantic, inventing a space to blend hip hop, soul, Congolese rumba and electro, wrapped in his gentle, enchanting voice.

In his lyrics, PK moves skilfully between the Tschiluba language and French, between Lingala and English or Kiskongo, depending on his inspiration at the time of writing. In terms of beats and sounds, he has succeeded in mixing traditional Congolese percussions with electro beats, under the influence of producer Alexandre Arthur Bilodeau, whom he met through the Quebec band Radio Radio. It is an invitation to travel from one continent to another, between the nostalgia of the lyrics and the catchy beat of the melodies, and on to the dance floor.

DJ medicineman has established himself as one of Canada’s foremost purveyors of Global Groove. His CIUT (89.5 FM) radio show No Man’s Land, has won international fans and his DJ sets are renowned for his trademark blend of global beats and textured electronica – the sound of borders dissolving.