Chijazz – The History of Greek Songs

"Humans spoke to birds through songs and the birds spoke back. It has been with songs that ancestors have sent their messages to the next generations."

Manos Hadjidakis, the great, Oscar-winning composer of Greece used these words to describe the role of songs in shaping cultures throughout history. The Greek songs allowed for a cultural trace from antiquity to survive over millennia, blend with the occasional temporal elements and together define the character of Greek songs across the aeons. This performance will pay a musical tribute to the Greek song and narrate its history from the 19th century and the demotika folk songs until the 1960s and the songs of the Theodorakis-Hadjidakis deity.

The band Chijazz is comprised of:

Athina Malli: Vocals, Percussion
Giorgos Soundoulidis: Vocals, Percussion
Sofia Smyrnoudi: Piano, Vocals
Giorgos Vasileiou: Guitar
Rania Bampasi: Flute, Hand Percussion
Christos Koukaras: Bouzouki, Vocals
Petros Pechlivanoglou: Bouzouki, Oud

Panagiota Vogdou
Giannis Dimitriou

Artistic direction:
Eirini Stoubou/ Rania Bampasi