Dilan Ensemble

DILAN ENSEMBLE @ Small World Music Centre
In the Shadow of the Fatherland

Kamanche and Vocal, SHAHRIYAR JAMSHIDI

Raphael Weinroth-Browne Cellist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, he is rapidly making a name for himself as an exceptionally versatile musician both in Canada and internationally. A graduate of Toronto’s Glenn Gould School and a former artist-in-residence at The Banff Centre, Raphael combines polished classical technique with daring improvisation and his own unique compositional language, effortlessly blurring the lines between musical genres. He has performed twice at Nouvelle Prague, an esteemed showcase festival in the Czech Republic, as well as Wave-Gotik Treffen, the largest international gothic music festival in the world, and was recently featured as a performer at the 2014 International Cello Festival of Canada, winning second prize nationally in the Zara Nelsova competition for Canadian cellists. In May 2015, Raphael was commissioned by the Royal Conservatory of Music to compose and perform a new work for solo cello in their esteemed 21C Festival for contemporary music. Since 2009, he has composed and performed music on over 50 full-length albums (including the Juno Award-winning Woods 5: Grey Skies and Electric Light) and has appeared in professional music videos with acclaimed artists such as two-time Juno Award-winner Gowan. He is well known as an integral member and creative force in dark chamber ensembles The Visit and Musk Ox. In addition to composing and performing, Raphael is the Artistic Director of Ottawa New Music Creators, Ottawa’s only concert presenter solely devoted to new music.


Shahriyar Jamshidi, Kamanche player, composer, vocalist and founder of the Dilan Ensemble. Originally from Iranian Kurdistan, he has devoted his artistic career to the preservation and transmission of the Kurdish musical heritage. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the Tehran University of Art. Over 24 years of his career, he has been attempting to recreate the classical Kurdish music in an understandable way to younger generations. Shahriyar had concerts in many cities of Iran, and he has also performed on several well-known Kurdish TV channels including Kurdistan and Newroz. Since settling in Canada in 2012, he has constantly sought new musical languages, having a performance at Toronto’s Tirgan Festival, International Society for Improvised Music ISIM conference in Switzerland, High-Fest in Armenia and Festival du Monde Arabe in Montreal in 2015. Shahriyar has released, three albums including Alvanati (2004), Call of the Mountains (2008) and A Yellow Flower (2014).


A time of gathering two experienced artists from Iran and Canada with entirely different music background and genre. This duo comprised of Shahriyar (kamanche) and Raphael (cello) blurs musical genre conventions with their highly evocative improvised performances. The scope of their creations ranges from soulful and emotive to incendiary and intense, and their sound has been described as being "totally entrancing." With each performance, they weave an intricate musical tapestry, one that is both memorable and totally unique.
Will be prepared sounds of Kurdish heritage from the heart of Zagros mount through Ararat mount which will be a remarkable remembrance of non-written historical music culture of Kurds. A collaboration of vibrant secret motives would be extending by Kamanche and Cello. Being resonated both bowed string instruments during a quick journey from tradition through modern. An offering moment of unspoken words racks the instrumental genres.