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Small World Music


Co-produced with Harbourfront Centre and sponsored by TD Bank.

Layers of dreamy vocal melodies with disconnected lyrics and hypnotic guitar loops merge with accents of crunchy riffs, pumping bass grooves, and exotic beats to make up Gelax. Dubbed as "fantasy rock," Gelax mixes comforting chords with a little bit of mysticism, and unusual structures with darker moods, which climax in an uplifting conclusion. Inspired by new and different sounds, Gelax is driven to experiment constantly and break away from the restrictions of genre.

Gelax started as a musical experiment in 2014 after Gelareh and Tarqazz discovered their shared philosophy on life, hopes, ambitions, cynicism, and strong appreciation of Depeche Mode and Radiohead. Gelareh had left everything behind to pursue her passion, making Toronto her new home so she could sing and express what was forbidden in her homeland under a censorship regime. Tarqazz's struggles with his own identity, his separation from his war torn country, and search of purpose, fueled their collaboration. Percussionist Olaf Szester joined in 2017.

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