Globetrotter ~ featuring adham shaikh

globe·trot·ter (ɡlōbˌträdər)
a habitual world traveller and beat seeker, especially via the dancefloor


On the 1st Saturday of every month, we gather in the heart of Toronto's global marketplace to dig deep into the evolution of world music. Local and international DJs journey beyond borders to deliver a cross-cultural concoction in celebration of our diversity and the unifying potential of rhythm and movement to uplift us toward inspired community.

Adham Shaikh

A Juno-nominated producer and composer, Shaikh weaves organic and electronic sounds into global music tapestries that transcend time and place. He has released 12 albums on key labels and has re-mixed many internationally renowned artists. The ‘Basswala’ will take the audience on a deep sonic journey via the dance floor.


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