Globetrotter ~ featuring Uproot Andy

globe·trot·ter (ɡlōbˌträdər)
a habitual world traveller and beat seeker, especially via the dancefloor


On the 1st Saturday of every month, we gather in the heart of Toronto's global marketplace to dig deep into the evolution of world music. Local and international DJs journey beyond borders to deliver a cross-cultural concoction in celebration of our diversity and the unifying potential of rhythm and movement to uplift us toward inspired community.

With resident DJ medicineman



In Brooklyn, Toronto-born Uproot Andy is THE specialist in tropical remixes. As the instigator of Que Bajo, the legendary nights that also became a record label, he samples the rhythms of the world with a blast of bass and synths. From Ethiopia to Colombia, from Algeria to Guadeloupe, from Brazil to Mexico, from Nigeria to India, New York night owls move with his turntables. Renowned for intense percussive grooves that get dance floors shaking, his latest mixtape, Guacharaca Migration, has garnered a considerable amount of buzz.

"I try to let anything that I like into the kitchen" says Andy. "But afro latin percussion has been a huge influence on my production. Aside from actually remixing this type of thing, I draw on these rhythms and textures for my own productions to try and make electronic music that that has a non-programmed feel. I’ve learned, by remixing a lot of folkloric music, the ways in which some of that music is swung off the beat in different ways, and now I use the same types of patterns when I program beats on the computer."