Globetrotter – Retro Bollywood

Part of the 15th Annual Small World Asian Music Series, sponsored by TD Bank and in partnership with Exclaim!

Into its 2nd year, Globetrotter has established itself as an essential monthly market gathering place for world and electronic music enthusiasts. Local and international DJs deliver a cross-cultural concoction on the dance floor, in celebration of diversity and inspired community.

Join the dance floor magic with spicy blends of funk, sitar, tabla, soaring vocals and lush orchestras, all mashed up with modern beats. This special edition features live Bhangra with the Guru Bros, the artistry of Raja Rhythmics, resident ethnomixologist DJ medicineman, and guest Punjabi dancers. Vintage Bollywood film, lush decor tapestry and a proper chai bar round out this playful, multi-sensory throwback party.