Habari Africa Festival co-produced by Batuki Music Society

August 12 - 14 - Check the Habari Africa Festival website for daily schedules

Explore the rich and diverse cultures of the African continent. This year focuses on the traditional griot music of West Africa, augmented by rumba and other contemporary sounds, through a celebration of music, dance, film, literature, fashion and crafts. Habari

Mamy Kanouté - Sat, August 13 @ 8:00pm
Mamy Kanouté, an internationally renowned Senegalese singer of the griot tradition, presents a performance that is charming in its elegance and marries traditional and Western instruments.

Djeli Tapa - Fri, August 12 @ 8:00pm
Djeli Tapa aims to perpetuate the griot tradition inherited from her family. She spares no effort to show her talent whenever the opportunity arises. Her music is a rhythmic blend of traditional and modern sounds and her lyrics reflect the daily reality of each individual, from gender identity issues to social status and age.

Kwame Stephens and Friends - Fri, August 12 @ 7:00pm
Kwame Stephens is proud to return to Habari Africa Festival in the company of some good literary friends.
Simeon Taole (South Africa), MK Bonsu (Ghana), Yahaya Baruwa and Derek Thorne among others will read from their past works, discuss their latest works, the creative process and other engaging subjects of interest to everyone.