Hong Sung Hyun

Part of the 16th Annual Small World Music Festival.

The Canadian debut of one of Korea's most exciting young artists – Hong Sung Hyun is an exceptionally talented drummer, and with his Chobeolbi band ('Chobeolbi' means ‘welcome rain'), he explores music based on Korean shamanic traditions, such as Eastern coast Gut, Kyeonggi-do Gut and more. Hong collaborates with artists not only from Korean traditions but also from western music. In the Chobeolbi project, Korean percussion moves beyond its usual role, which has been as a supporter of other instruments, to take centre stage with stunning displays of intense virtuosity.

Sung Hyun Hong - Jang-gu, Sori
Sung Eun Cha - Sogeum
Pyung Eun Lee - Gayagume
Seonghyeon Kang - Korean Percussion, Chorus
Tae Jeong Kim - Korean Percussion, Chorus


Percussionist Hong Sung Hyun plays Janggu, which is a representative Korean traditional drum. His focus on the interiority of his music has led to the realization of collaborations with several musicians. Since 2011, Hong has presented new works every year with his creative project 'Hong Sung Hyun's Chobeolbi.' The concept is the cooling sensation of new music, refreshing tired hearts from modern society.