Jane Bunnett & Maqueque and Emeline Michel

For more than 30 years, celebrated Canadian flutist and saxophonist Jane Bunnett has been bridging the gulf between Cuba and North America, introducing jazz audiences to some of the finest musicians that the island has to offer. Now, with her new sextet Maqueque, she introduces the world to some of Cuba’s newest female musicians.

Emeline Michel is the reigning Queen of Haitian Song: a captivating performer, versatile vocalist, and one of the premier Haitian songwriters of her generation, beloved for combining traditional Haitian rhythms with social, political, and inspirational lyrics.

Jane Bunnett & Maqueque
Jane Bunnett, soprano saxophone & flute
Melvis Santa, vocals, percussion & dance
Dánae Olano, piano & vocals
Magdelys Savigne, vocals & percussion
Célia Jiménez, vocals & bass
Yissy García, drums