Kayonan Balinese Gamelan – CANCELLED

Hear the rare, explosive and dynamic music of a Gong Kebyar ensemble. Concert includes a hands-on workshop, so please feel free to bring family and friends!

Kayonan Balinese Gamelan Ensemble is a community, gathering with people, food, dance, and play music (gamelan) itself. Kayonan are not just playing the Gamelan as an "instruments", we respect the balinese culture & follow the traditional. This "banjar" style idea is originally adopted from Bali, Indonesia, where people spend the time with others together in the neighbourhoods of village (banjar).

The gamelan players are from various
countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Ukraine, U.S., and Canada (Alberta, Vancouver, and North Bay).

Kayonan plays traditional vivid Balinese music "gong kebyar", a "thunder gamelan" style where pieces are played fast and dynamic, with a sudden tempo change.

That's why we are pleased to bring this "hot tropical balinese breeze" to Toronto.

Kayonan have performed at Indonesian Street Festival at Dundas Square in 2017 & 2019, 150 Canada Day Parade in 2017, Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market in 2018 and Carrasauga Festival in 2019. (Indonesia got a best culture spirit award).

Watch Ensemble’s past performance from Toronto Indonesia Festival

Presented as a part of Small World Asian Music Series