Kiosk and Jumple

"Songs that speak to a generation" --BBC World

Formed by bandleader Arash Sobhani in Tehrhan in 2003, Kiosk first made a name for itself by recording material considered “inappropriate” by the Islamic cultural authorities. Prevented from performing in public or publishing in studios in Tehran, Sobhani moved to the U.S. in 2005 where he led Kiosk to release the album, “Ordinary Man” probably the first Iranian underground album ever”officially”released in the west. The album was well-received by music critics and fans alike, both inside and outside of Iran.

After some substitutions the band got to its current lineup: Arash Sobhani (guitars and vocals), Anoush Khazeni (backing vocals and guitars), Babak Khiavchi (guitars), Ali Kamali (bass), Ardalan Payvar (keyboards), Shahrouz Molaei (drums), and Mardjan K (backing vocals). The main trait of Kiosk is using slangy, informal, and humorous language for their lyrics, which are mostly written by band mastermind Sobhani based on daily experiences and sociopolitical observations.

For this special night, Kiosk team up with Jumple, a self-confessed band of crazed musical gypsies. local band With all members of the band hailing from different parts of the former USSR, there is a distinct cultural and musical influence that clearly sets this band apart. Overtones of Gogol Bordello and Emir Kusturica they get people out of their seats and on their feet. Rocking flamboyant costumes, synchronized dance moves and an anything-goes attitude, they put on one of the zaniest and most compelling performances - be it at a festival, a house-party or a charity event; their live shows are always unique and interactive experiences.