Sina Salimi, Barzin & Hassan El Hadi – Experimental Link Music Night II

Co-presented by Link Music Lab and part of the 18th Annual Small World Music Festival.

A night of Western & Middle Eastern Ballads!

The debut of a group formed specifically for this concert sees three of Toronto’s finest – Sina Salimi (santur), Barzin (guitar & vocals), Hassan El Hadi (oud) – pooling their musical forces with special guests.

Link Music Lab, Toronto’s premier presenter of contemporary Persian music, explores connections between identity, culture and musical creation with a new series contemplating the contemporary Persian-Canadian experience. Persian classical/traditional/folk music is re-explored and re-imagined at the Small World Music Centre. The goal of these sessions is to create a magic special to Toronto.

Barzin – Drawing from the tradition of folk and pop in the vein of songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

Sina Salimi – Writing and performing on the santur, Sina brings together his love of traditional Persian music and combines it with the poetic writing of songwriters such as Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.

Hassan El Hadi - Drawing inspiration from the immense wealth of his Arab and Berber cultural heritage, Hassan creates an original repertoire of music firmly rooted in tradition.

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