Minha Lua

The musical project Minha Lua offers a renewed interpretation of the traditional Fado, in terms of instrumentation as well as staging. It delves into the vocal and instrumental possibilities of the genre, declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Formed by melodies with unique arrangements and compositions rooted in Fado, Minha Lua's style is influenced by the Arabic melodies of Al-Andalus, Indian and Persian music, and the Mediterranean melismas present in vocal twists.

Minha Lua was created by singer Victoria Cruz and guitarist and composer Gabriel Pancorbo, who were later joined by cellist Cesar Jiménez.

The musical project's philosophy is to generate a high caliber of music with elegance and strength, through harmonies and vocal range, that directly connects with the audience during a live performance. It is through the medium of the concert, where performers deliver songs from the heart, that they are able to invite listeners to touch the feelings of beauty and "saudade" within. The artistic importance of experiencing Fado live is significant.

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"Victoria Cruz’s wonderful voice is the expression of a Fado singer that can only interpret from the heart and reveals the emotional commitment of this great artist" (Jornal do Brasil, Brazilian newspaper).

"The viewers were touched by the sweet voice of Victoria Cruz ... the singing and the guitar made the audience vibrate with a feeling of peace and harmony" (Le Courrier de l'Ouest, French newspaper).

"Victoria Cruz’s voice is passion incarnate ... a voice of honey, of love and devotion ... Guitarist Gabriel Pancorbo creates a musical stave of warm and highly complicated notes, that only a true master can present with such exquisite simplicity" (Chema Cotarelo Asturias, Periódico Ideal, Spanish newspaper).