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Small World Music

Moonlight Over The Maghrib

DILAN ENSEMBLE @ Small World Music Centre on Saturday, August 27th at 8:00 PM
Doors at 7:30!

Richard Robeson, Guitar & Ukulele
Shahriyar Jamshidi, Kamanche & Vocals
Sina Khosravi, Tombak & Darbuka

Moonlight Over the Maghrib is an offering to bring closer world music practices and exhibiting the art music creativity from tradition to transition. Richard Robeson, the guest artist, will be performing his original composition, a jazz-inflected homage to the Spanish and Middle Eastern roots of the guitar; with Shahriyar Jamshidi, his music inspired by Kurdish native songs on his Kamanche and voice; and a multi-percussionist, Sina Khosravi’s accompaniment in this trio.

Richard Robeson is a North Carolina native and a multidisciplinary teaching artist whose guitar-musicianship studio (FitMusicStudio) is in its 34th year. An alumnus of NC state University in History and Literature, his studies have also included music with American composer and virtuoso guitarist Ralph Towner, and masters from a number of world music cultures, particularly ones that have interacted with or emerged from India. These influences, combined with a deep connection to his Southern musical roots (blues, rock and roll and jazz) result in a unique take on playing and composing for the guitar. Among his projects and commissions over the years are musical scores for dance and dance theater, international touring under the auspices of the US Dept. of State, and the first-ever score of original music (in collaboration with British American harmonica master and composer Chris Turner) for a production of “Fences,” by the late American playwright August Wilson. Since January 2014 he has been Executive Director of the International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM), an organization based in Ann Arbor, MI, but with members on five continents and in nearly two dozen countries. His most recent CD is Moonlight Over the Maghrib.

Sina Khsravi, a multi percussionist Tombak and Darbuka player and a visual artist, studied the Tombak under the supervision of Daryoosh Eshaghi in Iran. He attended the University of Western Ontario where he has also been a guest lecturer since 2002, demonstrating percussion instruments from the Middle East. He has done collaborations with U.W.O Dance Company, He appears on the billboard charting guitarist, Johannes Linstead's CDs, Cafe Tropical (2007), which was nominated for a Juno (Best instrumental album), Mistico (2010) and Tales of a Gypsy (2012). He has performed at PASIC Festival in 2014. Sina released his first solo percussion CD in April of 2006 and was nominated for Best World Music for the London Music Awards in 2007 and 2012.

Shahriyar Jamshidi, Kamanche player, composer, vocalist and founder of the Dilan Ensemble. Originally from Iranian Kurdistan, he has devoted his artistic career to the preservation and transmission of the Kurdish musical heritage. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the Tehran University of Art. Over 24 years of his career, he has been attempting to recreate the classical Kurdish music in an understandable way to younger generations. Shahriyar had concerts in many cities of Iran, and he has also performed on several well-known Kurdish TV channels including Kurdistan and Newroz. Since settling in Canada in 2012, he has constantly sought new musical languages having a performance at Toronto’s Tirgan Festival twice, International Society for Improvised Music ISIM conference in Switzerland and Canada, High-Fest in Armenia and Festival du Monde Arabe in Montreal in 2015. Shahriyar has released, three albums including Alvanati (2004), Call of the Mountains (2008) and A Yellow Flower (2014).