Myrica Faya Band

Formed in 2013, Myrica Faya originate from Terceira Island, in the Azores Archipelago, Portugal. The band’s five members (Bruno Bettencourt, Cláudio Oliveira, Emílio Leal, Pedro Machado and Ricardo Mourão), each from different musical backgrounds, center themselves within traditional Azorean music at its deepest root.

Vocals, Viola-da-Terra (a traditional Azorean instrument with 15 strings), double bass, accordion, piano, ukulele, guitars, flutes and percussion are some of the key elements in their sound.

Every song in Myrica Faya’s lineup is a result of a long process of research, deconstruction and re-construction. While maintaining the lyrical and melodic basis of the original songs, they seek a more personal and “world music feel,” with arrangements that range from Classical to Rock, with a little bit of Blues and Jazz.

In 2014 Myrica Faya released their first record titled "Vir’ó Balho,” which is greatly influenced by Azorean folk repertoire. It has already become a reference in the so-called “New Azorean Music,” and has received great reviews, ranking among the Top 10 albums of 2014 in the Traditional /Folk music category in Portugal. The band was also voted “Best Newcomer Artist in Folk” in a competition held by Festival Folk Celta Ponte da Barca. Consequently, the band has performed over 70 shows in 2014 and 2015, including appearances on national TV and radio, and Folk/World music festivals in Portugal.

In 2016 "Do Cerne,” the band's second studio album was released. Here, they continue to travel through Azorean music, though in contrast with their first album, with lesser known songs where it is possible to feel all the influences the group has absorbed during two years of travelling and sharing experiences with all sorts of musicians. Since then, they continued to perform throughout Portugal and made international appearances in the USA and Spain. Now, in 2017, after concerts on all the main stages in the Azores, they Myrica Faya prepares to present themselves in Canada.

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