Embrace a world of sounds from Lake Baikal in the East of Russia to the Great Wall of China, from the songs of shamanist gatherings in Siberia to celebration songs at midsummer fests in Buryatia, and exquisite melodies from Inner Mongolia.

Namgar Lhasaranova – vocals
Evgeny Zolotarev – chanza, bass, backing vocals
Timur Zolotarev – guitar, backing vocals

Namgar is a daughter of the steppe, born to a cattle herder. She grew up in a Buryat family in the tiny village of Kunkur near the border crossing of Russia, Mongolia, and China. The music she performs has been passed down from her grandparents and father. The stories in the songs are as old as the indigenous Buryats themselves with tales of ancient Mongol fighters, champions, horses, and famous battles. The Hori Buryat tribes, to which Namgar belongs, were supporters of Chingis Khan and important commanders in the Mongol Invasion.

Formed in 2001, the band melds traditional Mongolian instruments including the yatag (a 13-stringed zither) and chanza (a three-stringed lute) with electric bass and drums. Ancient music seasoned with the modern elements of rock and electronic unites images of the great wide-open with those of modern drive.

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