Neo Afro Sound – CANCELLED

Neo Afro Sound is a contemporary musical expression that explores the developing intersection of Afro rhythm with different genres: not limited to Latin music, Reggae and blues. Its euphoric sound allows listeners to sonically travel to Africa with layover stops in other musical regions such as Latin America, Caribbean Island, and southern America. The live instruments will expose your ears to a wide range of sounds unlimited to African drum patterns, guitar riffs drawn from blues, saxophone melodies with Latin influences, keyboard chords with R&B grooves, and a baseline vibration from reggae. The live performance by Cassa, 3.0 Muzik and The Long Beach Band will take you on a journey where music has no borders.

Cassa is a Rwandese recording artist, singer, songwriter and sensational performer. Singing in Kinyarwanda, English and Swahili, Cassa’s music takes you on a journey through sound and rhythm, effortless storytelling and unmatched vocal versatility.

3.0 Muzik is a collective of 4 African Diasporas living in Toronto. They write, produce and record their own music. Singing in English and in their respective native language, each member brings a unique sound from their country of origin, namely D.R. Congo, Nigeria and Uganda. The sound is real, authentic and raw.

The Long Beach Band is a 4-piece party band from Toronto, blending the hottest top 40, Dancehall and Soca into an unprecedented musical experience. Fronted by sax and vocals weaving together the radio hit songs of the day, the Long Beach Band truly replaces the DJ with their thematic remixes.

Co-presented by Small World Music