Polyphonic Ground Presents Los Poetas / Slim Flex & Success K with Samantha Cross / Evolution / Deejay MKay

Lula Music & Arts Centre and Music Africa curate a night that celebrates the flavour and rhythms of African and Latin music in the fourth Polyphonic Ground Presents concert.

About Los Poetas Presented by Lula Music & Arts Centre

Hailing from Toronto and Vancouver, with roots in Chile, El Salvador and Argentina, Louwop, Ché Uno and Vago are Los Poetas. Fluidly incorporating English, Spanish and “Spanglish,” the trio bridges the gaps between the Americas and beyond, addressing the struggles and injustices that persist in their homelands as well as the duty to preserve their Latin roots through beats and rhymes. Conveying the Latino experience as raised in hip hop culture, Los Poetas, immensely skilled in the trade of that Ol' Boom Bap, are true masters of this complex and often misunderstood art form.

About Slim Flex & Success K, EVOLUTION (EVLTN) and Deejay MKay Presented by Music Africa

From Italy to Canada, one of the most international artists who has revolutionized music in African Canadian Entertainment. Success Okoro-Adima (otherwise known as Success K) is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist living in the city of Toronto, Canada. From an early age he has been involved in the creation of music, a star among his peers. With a big smile and engaging personality, he sets out to make his mark by writing heartfelt songs, capable of penetrating deep into any listener’s system. A prolific musician in his home country, Italy, he has been involved in many different musical projects as a vocalist, composer and solo artist. Success K’s style can be described as unique, innovative, optimistic, and in-love-with harmony. His music reminds us about the easily disregarded details in society, as well as positive messages, emotions, love and dreams.

After a short break to focus on redirecting his career, Slim Flex landed a management deal with independent music label “Diet Monkey.” Now he is taking it to the next level with his recent cross-genre single, “Whine For Me,” which has been making waves across Canada, Jamaica and Africa (the video was released in April 2017). With musical influences such as Bob Marley, Prince, Marvin Gaye and Kojo Antwi, Slimflex’s love for music is evident in every track he puts out. His work ethic and passion are his ingredients to success.

Slim Flex & Success K will be joined by special guest Samantha Cross.

EVOLUTION is a versatile band located in heart of Toronto consisting of 7 members with a serious passion for music and creating a vibe wherever they are. EVLTN is mostly known for their series of renditions of various songs from Hip hop and rap, to r&b and Afro beats.

One of Toronto's youngest female DJs, Deejay MKay draws influences from her Sierra Leonean roots to create a mixture of West, East, North and Southern African tracks seamlessly fused with modern and classic Caribbean, hip hop and R&B.


Polyphonic Ground is a collaborative working model that unites 11 small to medium-sized live music presenters committed to building and sustaining Toronto as a global music city. The organizations include Ashkenaz Foundation, Batuki Music Society, Good Kind Productions, Link Music Lab, Lula Music & Arts Centre, MonstrARTity Creative Community, Music Africa, Revolutions Per Minute, Small World Music Society, Uma Nota Culture, and World Fiddle Day Toronto.