A Rooted Departure – Parvaaz in Canada

Parvaaz is a psychedelic rock band best known for high-energy live performances and expansive soundscapes that seamlessly shift between heavy arena rock and soulful acoustic. The band released their debut LP, “Baran,” in August, 2014, and received an overwhelming positive response from fans and critics alike. Their music is best described as a haunting soundscape of blues, rock, and psychedelia, with profound and philosophical Kashmiri and Urdu lyrics about common human experiences and ideas.

This Canadian tour will be their first outside India. For a band whose music has such a distinct identity in its members’ heritage, the tour represents an opportunity, daunting as it may be, to present it to a completely new audience. This combination of staying true to one’s roots while going out of one’s comfort zone is reflected in the tour’s name, “A Rooted Departure.” While other bands from India have previously toured in Canada, their music has either been in the “fusion” genre, led by their strong “Indian-ness,” or completely Western in their nature. Parvaaz, however, bring with them a perfect balance of East gift-wrapped in the West, past packaged in the present, soaring vocals surrounded by progressive soundscapes and melancholy submerged in beauty, all of which combine to immerse us in an aural experience that unleashes waves of delayed gratification.

Parvaaz are:
Khalid Ahamed (vocals and guitar)
Kashif Iqbal (guitar and vocals)
Fidel D'Souza (bass guitar)
Sachin Banandur (drums and percussions)

Special Guest: Mili Soch

Website: www.parvaazmusic.com
Facebook: /parvaazmusic
Twitter: @parvaazmusic
Instagram: @parvaazmusic
YouTube: /parvaazmusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/parvaaz-1

Parvaaz’s music is available for purchase at: https://www.oklisten.com/parvaaz

Please note: This show is standing room only.