Saina with Songs of Gaia and Victory for Freestyle

Saina: Solo music of the Sakha Republic of Siberia

Starting with traditional songs and chants of the various indigenous cultures of the magical Sakha Republic in Russia, world renowned artist "Saina" specializes in the "khomus" (mouth harp) and has sung in 25 different languages.

Saina's performance at the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards in Winnipeg.
Press: Yakut singer Saina gained two nominations for 'Prestige' Canadian Award, Yakutia Today, February 24, 2015.
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Songs of Gaia: Geo and Saina, Ethno + Jazz

Initiated by music producers Igor Vrabac and Ken Worth, what began as an experiment in the studio became a celebrated CD, mixing improvisation with traditional elements.
George Koller and Saina have performed live as a duo on many occasions with this concept.
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Victory for Freestyle: George Koller, Jocelyn Barth, David Restivo & Bruce Cassidy

Founded by George Koller, the quartet features Bruce Cassidy on EVI, David Restivo on piano and Jocelyn Barth on voice. This group creates a full set of music in the now moment. Saina will join for the last portion of this performance.
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