Heavens and Earth: A Concert with Salil Subedi – SOLD OUT

Co-presented by Small World Music Society.

Salil is a Nepali didgeridoo player, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and storyteller. He uses a creative mix of instruments including jaw harps, bamboo flute, singing bowls, bells, and Nepali percussion, which he live loops in solo performances. He integrates chants, song, throat-singing, and Nepali folk music instruments as well.

Salil Subedi’s "Heavens and Earth" fundraising concerts across Canada are in support of his latest educational project "Heavens and Earth – The Nepal Telescope Project." It brings artists and scientists to rural school children around Nepal for star-gazing, story-telling, and the sharing of indigenous knowledge and science.

The concert will also feature poetry by Abhi Subedi, Angela Kerby Weiser, and Pushpa Acharya.

Salil Subedi

Salil’s practice is steeped in creative expression, philosophy, story-telling and collective empowerment – all revolving around the didgeridoo. He was inspired to work with the Australian aboriginal wind instrument 18 years ago when he discovered how deep the uncanny sounds echo in the Himalayan landscape. Since then, Salil has used music and art to express the mystery and beauty of life, to educate on conservation, and to develop skills among children and youth, especially in rural communities. Also an expert on traditional Nepali singing bowls and Eastern spirituality, Salil reaches something at the core of each audience member.

Celebrated across Nepal for his community development and education work, Salil travelled across remote mountain villages archiving lost songs and music, ran a mobile FM radio, travelling and transmitting across mountains, gave music, art, and media workshops, and created community theatre groups for wildlife and nature conservation in Nepal and in India.

Salil has performed on international stages from Mongolia to Singapore, Thailand to the UK, and Spain to Austria. He has performed regularly at the "Swizzeridoo" – the Swiss Didgeridoo Festival.

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