Search – Javad Bathaie

Javad Bathaie is a Santur Virtuoso and Master of Persian Classical. "Search" is a collection of his pieces and the title of his 8th album. Bathaie will be accompanied by Bamdad Fotouhi on Tonbak. 

Javad Bathaie, born in 1957 in Mashhad, Iran in a family of Musicians, is a Santur player and composer. He first became familiar with Persian music through his father and brother who were his first teachers. In 1980, he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts, and he also attended the classes of the great masters of Persian Santur such as Majid Kiani, Faramarz Payvar and Parviz Meshkatian. He continued to learn Ney, and learned Persian musical Radif from Abdolnaghi Afsharnia. In 1993, he joined Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Ava Ensemble, and performed many concerts in Iran, as well as in the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway and England that resulted in albums such as Rosvaye Del, Ahang Vafa and Arame Jan. In 2001, he formed Navaye Del Ensemble with maestro Hassan Nahid, and performed many concerts with several well-known singers such as Alireza Ghorbani, Salar Aghili, Fazel Jamshidi and Mojtaba Asgari. Bathaie has published 4 books and 14 albums, the latest of which is "Beautiful Night" with Salar Aghili.

Bamdad Fotouhi, born in 1978 in Paris, France, studied music from childhood. He learned how to play Tombak, Daf and Santour. Bamdad has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Azad in Tehran, Iran. He received musical instruction on the "Tombak" from masters Majid Saadat and Kambiz Ganjeie. His Santour teachers included the masters Masoud Malek and Mehdi Setayeshgar. Bamdad was also taught "Daf" by master Sadegh Tarif for a short period of time. As a Tombak player he has worked extensively with a number of ensembles in Iran and Canada such as Iran's National Orchestra, Mezrabi Orchestra, Khorshid, Khamoush, Vesal, Sarv and Baarbad. He now teaches Tombak and Daf in Toronto and Waterloo.

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