Cancelled – Tal National w/DJ Kush Nubia

Due to reasons beyond our control.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Tal National - Niger - Toronto Debut
with DJ Kush Nubia

Presented in association with Batuki Music Society

The most popular group in the West African country of Niger, Tal National are legendary for their unique Afro Pop parties in Nyami, with shows lasting until daylight. In a country where so few can afford instruments, let alone studio time, their first album was a revelation. Drawing on regional traditions from highlife to soukous, Afrobeat and desert blues, they upped the intensity to create what’s nothing short of African rock – a joyously hypnotic sound, with guitars dancing around deep grooves and driving percussion.

On stage Tal National perform with six musicians, but because of their rigorous performance schedule here might be up to thirteen members at any one time. Their concert material combines original songs with new arrangements of West African folk songs, themes of which deal with love, tolerance, peace, feminine beauty, and the woman's physical dance expression based on traditional African rhythms. They may not have the chance to play all night, at the Drake, but they’ll still set the dancefloor alight with unrelenting energy.

DJ Kush Nubia

Spinning Future Bounce, Hip Hop, Trap, Reggae, Soul and Afro, Kush Nubia entering the world of professional DJing in 2008. He has played at various locations in Toronto opening for the likes of Kahil El Zabar, Brownman, Whaleed Kush, Quartier Latin and Njacko Backo