TDot Batu feat. Cibelle Iglesias & Salviano Pessoa

Co-produced with Harbourfront Centre and sponsored by TD Bank.

TDot Batu is a tightly knit Afro-Brazilian percussion batucada inspired by the rich rhythmic tradition born out of the fusion of samba and reggae from Salvador, Bahia. As an integral part of Toronto's Tropical music scene, TDot Batu collaborates with members of the arts and music communities to create spectacular participatory celebrations that reflect the vast color and energy of Brazilian culture. The group studies under the guidance of Mestre Patricio ‘Pato’ Irie, who developed his musical style while living and playing in the birthplace of samba reggae.

Featuring two of the most energetic singers in the city, Cibelle Iglesias and Salviano Pessoa.

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