Waleed Abdulhamid & Friends: From The Nile to the Don

From The Nile to the Don: in the meeting place.

Beyond rhythm and beat, Waleed Abdulhamid’s compositions are musical journalism. Each composition is a story about an experience or journey. Sometimes these experiences are personal, sometimes the journeys are about bringing the story of the Nile and Nubian pyramids to our contemporary times. Mostly, what this musical journalism does is create a relationship between the storyteller (the band) and the audience.

Waleed Abdulhamid - Vocal + Bass + Tambour + Marimba + Lakoumbi
Ilios Steryannis - Drums
Patrick O'Reilly - Guitar
Joseph Leo Callender - Saxs

The creative vision of this band is to combine the ancient rhythms of Africa with the jazz harmonies of modern times. In essence these two worlds, from different places in time, meet in our creative expression. Like Toronto, the meeting place, our music is a meeting place. Our music and the title of the album reflect the origins of the music, the inspiration for the music and what it achieves – the harmonious mixing of rhythm and harmony just as Toronto is a harmonious mix of cultures and peoples. Our band members have over 30 years of experience playing across the globe with high profile acts and Grammy award-winning artists.

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