Workshop: Samba Jess

Co-produced with Harbourfront Centre and sponsored by TD Bank.

Jessica Semedo focuses directly on spreading authentic Brazilian Samba, as well as the culture and music from the Luso-African World. Shake to the samba beat with this gifted instructor!

"Samba" refers to the prayer and/or invoking of ones personal "orixa," God, or saint... Samba Jess aims to guide her students and audiences in learning the Roots of Authentic Brazilian Samba through dance classes, workshops, performances, travel opportunities to Brazil and more. With 16 years of National and International Samba dance experience, and a USA Samba Queen 2016 Top 10 Finisher, Jess will take you on a trip to Brazil and back again through the healing power of dance!

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Photo credit: Manish Pothen