The Small World Music Centre

A new community hub for global music and the people who play it and enjoy it.

Small World Music Centre

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Film Screenings

Our 5,000 lumen Acer projector and 16 ft x 9 ft screen offers a professional option for screenings and presentations

In February 2014, Small World opened the doors to the Small World Music Centre at Toronto Artscape’s Youngplace facility. Located on Shaw Street near Queen West, it is an accessible community hub for global music and the people who play it and enjoy it.

A high-quality listening room with flexible seating for 70 – 100 standing, it is an ideal venue for intimate performances, workshops and community events. A full lighting system illuminates the beautiful 12×18 hardwood stage, while wrap around draping helps create the perfect setting for both amplified and acoustic presentations.

The Centre’s ‘Virtual Concert Hall’ – a suite of high-quality video and audio capture technology – means that what takes place there can be experienced digitally beyond its four walls. Performances, workshops, lectures and more can be fully documented and edited into finished video content.

The Small World Music Centre is available for community use and event rentals – please see our list of equipment specifications below and contact our Venue Manager Reza Moghaddas for a quote:

Venue Location

Small World Music Centre
180 Shaw Street, Studio 101
Toronto, ON M6J 2W5

Venue Rentals

Please inquire for a quote for room use. Contact:

Space viewing available by appointment only.

Equipment Specifications

    Projector & Screen

  • 5,000 lumen Acer projector and 16 ft x 9 ft screen


  • 2 x Audio Technica 4041
  • 2 x Line 6 XD-V75 Wireless
  • 2 × Royer r121 (matched pair)
  • 2 × AKG 414 XL II (matched pair)
  • Blue Mouse
  • 2 × Audix D2
  • 1 × Audix D4
  • 1 × Audix D6
  • 1 × Audix i5
  • 2 × Audix AXD51
  • 4 × Shure SM57
  • 4 × Shure SM58
  • 4 × Radial JDI
  • 2 × Radial J48
  • 1 × Radial Pro Accessory DI (Stereo)

    PA System

  • Yorkville Paraline PSA1’s tops
  • Yorkville LS200p Subs
  • 4 × Yamaha DXR8’s Monitors
  • Midas Pro1 Console
  • 24 Channel Jenson Transformered Split if a separate monitor desk is necessary


  • Smart Fade 2496 console
  • 4 × focus par white
  • 10 × focus par RGB
  • 8 × focus blast
  • Hazer - Chauvet Hurricane

    Recording System

  • (18 track simultaneous recorder)
  • Universal Audio Apollo 16 Quad fed by direct outs from Midas Pro 1
  • 27" iMac with SSD’s running Protools 10, 11 and Logic X


  • Bass Amp Gallian-Kreuger MB112-11 12"
  • Guitar Amp Fender Blues Junior 12"
  • 3 Guitar Stands
  • 3 Music Stands
  • 1 Keyboard Stand


    Marketing & Admin Support

  • Need advice on marketing your show or getting artists across the border and more? Contact us at to find out if we can lend a hand.

    Recording & Editing

  • Multi-track audio recording (on and off-site)
  • 3 camera HD video recording
  • Check us out:
  • Contact us at for services and rates.

We thank the following who made the Small World Music Centre possible