Sponsorship Overview

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Music is one of the most glorious celebrations of cultural diversity the world could ever know. Because people are wired in ways that manifest their humanity no matter where they live, music is important as a means of allowing aesthetic experiences that mirror the beautiful, the sorrowful, and the sublime. Music is that mirror, and every man, woman, and child can think and feel in music and through music. Artists House Music

Key Achievements

  • With a 20 year legacy, SWM is an established leader in music programming at the forefront of Canadian culture, promoting unity through diversity and world music accessibility to mainstream markets
  • Presentation of over 900 events to more than 200,000 enthusiastic attendees
  • A growing presence online with 110,000 unique website impressions per year, 4,500 newsletter subscribers, over 7,800 Facebook Likes and 3,000 Followers on Twitter
  • Long-term, sustained relationships with dozens of Toronto’s ethnic communities, through recurring partnerships with key cultural organizations, niche market media and foreign government representatives

Sponsorship Opportunity 
Through sponsoring a Small World Music initiative, your brand will capitalize on the exposure and attention generated through attendance, broadcast, print, online, mobile, indoor and outdoor impressions on both the local and national stage. It is a powerful cost effective medium for your organization to:

  • Generate wide-spread brand awareness within your target audience.
  • Connect personally and emotionally to a focused target market of: Global Music Enthusiasts (culturally diverse, educated, world travelers) Toronto-based Niche Cultural Groups (access to an array of cultural communities and organizations) capitalizing on our existing relationships.
  • Create unique, engaging hospitality experiences for consumers, clients and employees.
  • Take advantage of a distinctive opportunity to shape your brand image to reflect the global, culturally diverse and inclusive nature of the Small World Music Festival.
  • Engage in sound corporate citizenship by supporting artists on local, national and international levels, contributing to dialogue-building and promoting the growth of positive cultural images within Toronto’s diverse communities.

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Partnerships & Development
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