Volunteer Overview

Volunteering with Small World Music Society can be one of the most rewarding and embracing experiences in your community. We work hard to provide programming that brings cultures and communities together – and we value our volunteers who help us with the important programming we do. There are three key ways you can be part of the Small World Volunteer Community: Community Development Committee Member, Career Development Mentor and Event Volunteer.

Community Development Committee Member
Small World Music is entering an exciting phase of growth and increased community engagement. In the fall of 2013, the company will open the Small World Music Centre and be a place that Toronto’s culturally diverse music community can call home – a World Music Hub. With a 1,000 square foot performance space at the new Artscape YOUNGPlace, featuring professional quality staging, telescopic seating, lighting and sound, the Centre will host intimate concerts, workshops, master classes, panel discussions, rehearsals and multimedia productions that will engage a diverse range of cultural communities. Community involvement in this exciting initiative is important to us! Working hand-in-hand with company staff and Board members, Committee Members participate in the development of the Small World Music Centre on a variety of topics including programming, capital projects, outreach initiatives and strategic planning.

Career Development Mentor
Small World Music’ year-round mentorship program provides culturally diverse artists and youth the ability to improve and discover new skill sets. As part of the music industry, Small World provides a truly exciting environment for learning and self development. We work hands on with members of the Toronto community through a variety of mentorships and training programs to help our community members develop needed skills. Mentorship program opportunities include: event production, grant writing, financial literacy, videography, digital literacy, and creative development. Be it through one-on-one or group sessions – these mentors make an important difference in their student’s lives.

Event Volunteer
Event Volunteers work side-by-side with Small World staff, gaining insider knowledge in event production – and have fun doing it too! Event Volunteer opportunities include participating in front of house, backstage, outreach and production. We do our best to help our volunteers feel like part of the team – be it through invites to other shows, giveaways (like t-shirts, cds and refreshments), and networking. We value our volunteers!

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